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wedotranslation serves clients throughout North America 

The reality is that the bulk of our business is transacted over the telephone and the internet. In fact, we have a large number of clients that we have never met face-to-face. From our Ottawa (CANADA) Headquarters we manage a growing pool of freelance translators, writers, proofreaders and editors who live in various parts of the country (cities and rural areas). Our network of translation resources spans North America. In fact, we may have freelance translation resources located near you.

Our pool of clients mimics our resource pool. Nathalie, one of our Toronto-based resources may be working on a translation assignment for a Quebec city client while Marc who is based in Gatineau, Quebec may be working on an assignment for a client based in Long Beach, California. So far as we know, Marc has never been to Long Beach, but that doesn't prevent him from translating an instruction manual for power tools that are ultimately distributed to retail stores across North America. We think you get the picture.

The point is that it matters little where a freelance translation resource is located!

In this day and age, where you live and where the translation you require is performed is no impediment to securing the expertise you require and the service you need.

We get calls daily for a variety of 'exotic' language translation requests: Dari (spoken in Afghanistan and closely related to Farsi - which is spoken in Iran), Arabic (spoken throughout the Middle East), Inuktitut (spoken in Canada's far North), Korean, Sinhalese (spoken in Sri Lanka) and Slovak are but some examples. The requests tend to mirror present day global 'hot spots' as reported in international news networks.

The hard reality is that if you expect to find a qualified slovakian translator in your locale (say, Calgary, Alberta or Saint John, New Brunswick) you may be disappointed. More often than not, qualified resources, especially freelance translators who can certify their work, will NOT be in a location near you.

If you require a certified translation (also referred to as official or notarized translation) don't expect immediate gratification...

Give yourself some lead time and be prepared to 'pay the freight'. If the accuracy is important to you and certification is a requirement, securing the right expertise is not like ordering fast food. Finding the appropriate resource is precisely how we earn our agency fees. Give us a call and we will fill you in on the details: 1-888-722-3515

wedotranslation, where "Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind!"

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To call us in Ottawa (Local Call): 613-722-3515


Toll Free Call (from anywhere in North America): 1-888-722-3515


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  • Please note: You MUST supply us with your document(s) in order to receive a detailed quote.
  • If you do not have a document available for assessment, please refer to our translation rates for basic pricing information and guidance.
  • Please provide information about the language pair (i.e. source and target languages).
  • The ideal format for document submissions is in a format that we can edit: MSWord (.doc or docx); Adobe Acrobat (pdf); Power Point (.ppt); MSExcel (.xls). Although they make quick assessments less likely, other file formats are acceptable.
  • If you are seeking a quote for certified translation services, please let us know where you are located (city) and a zip/postal code so that we may quote you the shipping charges for the certification documents. Where/when required, all certification and attestation documents are shipped from our main office location.
  • If you are submitting large files for our assessment (i.e. greater than 20MB), please contact us via e-mail for FTP upload service.


Freelance translator inquiries: work[at-sign]
We are looking for qualified translators who stand behind their work and have made a strong commitment to quality and client satisfaction. Please refer to our Translators Wanted page for more information.


Collaboration proposals: business[at-sign]
We collaborate with and refer business to other translation and interpretation companies in North America and Europe. If you are interested in working with us, either handling assignments on our behalf or receiving referrals, we would be pleased to hear from you.
Please note: pricing considerations aside, all collaborations are premised upon quality control processes. All collaborators are expected to conform with our Quality Assurance Means Peace of Mind guarantee of satisfaction policy.


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